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Indian society / Law teach responsibilities only to man.

he has to do this and that his wife, if you go to any book shop, you will find hundreds of books/articles

about women,

how to win her heart

How to treat her;

How to seduce her

and you hardly find any or very few about man; how to treat a man.

i dont understand why you are saying agains and again that man has to support his wife.when she do not want him why she want his money. they have to part mutually, but hardly few women do this, they all harass him, even they know in some cases they will not win and they have free legal support they sue him.

its father responsibility to share half of the child support, or she cannt bare half she has to hand over child to father instead fighting. but how many women do this.

coz they want money in the name of child too.

as you bringup my matter in this thread, i wanted my marriage to long last, even after 10 years of my fight in divorce, just before final verdict, i called her after tracing her number.

i hardly pronounce word PLEASE.

still i said Please come back.

you know what she said…

If i call again she will report it to police and never dream that she will come back.

i was not pathetic or leading miserable life, i was earning 10 times more than what i was earning when she was with me.