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I do not know about others, I have no intention of depriving child of his fathers love and affection irrespective of child support given, I have other ways to get the childs right for maintenance without effecting visitation rights.

there will be many such women who are law abiding citizens.

many of the father gets remarried after divorce and they give up visitation rights after they have there own childrens. why will he make his present wife and childrens insecure.

one or two visits cannot manupulate child’s mind to leave his mother. it is irrelevent who is better as long as child himself wishes to live with his mother. Child will not remain child all his life. He will have his own thought process and after he grows up if he desires to be with his father. why should anyone stop. if you cannot stop your wife/husband leaving you same way you cannot stop child leaving you. but forcefully taking and fraudulantely taking is wrong.

if women is giving false statement and evidence you have every right to prove/defend your self if you are not guilty.