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Thanks for your advice Maha…. whatever makes you decide that I need to focus on my capabilities “instead of” blaming anyone….why can’t I do both?? I can focus on my capabilities “AND” blame anyone who I believe is wrong!!..Dont worry about me—.Blaming is not my full time job, and I kind of know whats best for my career!!

About being loving, You think after taking any crap I want to win the title of the most “loving person”…I am ok with not loving anyone who’s not been that great with me either!With them, I would rather stand up for what I rightly deserve than achieving rounds of applause..!!

My career was not important to me at the time of marriage…..but when I saw a marriage of injustice…I focused on my career…coz there was nothing else to be happy about… Yes…I sacrificed at a point of time….and yes the sacrifice was not out of pure selflessness…..I did expect something back–a nice, fair relationship…..I am ok if you call it “giving” instead of “sacrificing”-but I don’t think I need to stop ranting about it, unless I get my due share back!!……..its better to be assertive and stop sacrificing, and ofcours why not be assertive to get back some share due to you, if it can help your life in some way! …Aajkal to maid servant bhee free mei aati hai….slavery has ended and people want to be “compensated” for whatever they have given!

If someone is wrongly targeted, I empathise……….but targeting women who are rightfully standing up for what is due to them-is definitely worth raising eye-brows!! whatever makes men think they can happily

ignore the inequality they dish out to women………..women have faced hell lot of injustice, I am sure they would expect women to do all the sacrifices –while they can end up choosing the best of both worlds…

About arguments on this forum….have you really NOT noticed those few threads in which few women genuinely shared their problems and how men wanted to argue to show how wrong those women were to even feel bad about themselves?? You didn’t advice those men to stop arguing ?? why me??…thrs a need to argue with such men…and I wish their were more women who would stand up and ask them what fairness are they asking ! what I see on this forum is that every woman who has not been almost murdered for dowry should not complain…….and those who are literate should not ask for ANY maintenance…..

You also asked me why I should expect something what I get myself…..Ha !! Go ask the same question to men, why do they ask women to do the work which they can do for themselves !! …When the relationship LACKS basic equality, then PAY for it…..!!

Logic difficult to understand or what……??

1) Equal hours of work….YES…everyone needs weekends and holidays..!!

2) Fruits of work equally shared

3) Equal rights

If it is NOT equal during the course of relationship….then men need to pay for it later!!…if you have given her equal free time-and made her an equal partner in everything in terms of in-laws/parents etc……..? When you have never given equality and fairness..why will you get it?? why should you get freedom from paying for maintenance etc!

And yeah women can work on their capabilities and argue too…..same way men please stop asking me to stop…..cheers and all the best!