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“Why so many logics are given?”…Because….So many logics are needed to talk to men who have been blinded by lust, greed and their will to dominate. Because this forum needs to address the “twisted logics” men give here that suit them…??? 16th century laws unke favor mei hain to unko impose karo…aaj ke kuchh laws unke favor mei nahi hain then suppress them??

What rules are you talking about?? There were rules going on since ages for burning women alive at the funeral pyre of her husband….”Sati”..there were people like YOU who supported such “laws” that time coz these favored them….so what if they were brutal to women…?? There were evil rules and customs about cast, female infanticide, slavery, child marriage……….the society has been full of evils…..while a particular section wants to “rule” on the pretext of “Age Old ” customs!!….YOUR customs NEED to change…and if men have forgotten that manhood is not about dominating women, and expecting slavery….then women are equipped to make the much needed change happen….What a reason!! Do something because its “Age Old”..Huh!!

Again I doubt that adjustment is an ovarian quality and should be “imposed” exclusively on women….why? coz they need to be mentally trained to let the men have their way…..??

You asking me why I am here—first you tell me, why are you here,on this thread–help, suggestion…or advice??……..Or is it your guilt that makes you write things against me, any woman standing up for yourself??Perpetrators of injustice cannot bear to think all the wrong-doings THEY have been upto!

As far as my reasons are concerned …I have stated them clearly IN ABOVE POST ABOUT WHY I WRITE HERE!!…men who want to enforce prejudiced, one sided..loose ideas that exclusively were made by similar people like them, need to be told about the twisted, greedy mentality which is the root of all issues!!…This forum is against gender bias..karte wakt kuchh nahi lagtaa.?? age old customs hain.??…women ko support karne waale laws yaad aate hain…tab change karo laws ko?? Why?? You respect laws?? Huh!!…then respect ALL laws which are gradually understanding the support women need!!…And if you feel bad about gender bias…then FAIRLY eliminate gender bias..EVERYWAY….or your talks about bringing fair laws is just another twisted manipulation driven by the desire to suppress every kind of support a woman should get to stand with equality and dignity…!!