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Smi and Humanbeing and others

What persons like you want in this forum is, people here listen to your complaints. Anyone who tries to make others listen to his/her stuff can be said only as childish. And the same could be said about a person who wants people to validate what he/she says. Adults can’t expect that. This forum is there for helping people who are all having a particular type of problems. You can’t expect people here to be like psychologists who listen and understand your problems and give you suggestions, even if you have genuine problems. The persons in this forum are suffering from false cases put up their wives and so for helping each other with their own experiences. They have old parents who have to suffer because of the greed of the wife and her family. Why can’t you let this forum serve this purpose? I know that there are other forums where the issues you have all sympathetically dealt with. Can’t you all address your issues there? In our society, there are mother-in-laws who are cruel to their DILs. But there are also DILs who drive away their MILs and at times husband supports the wife and not his mom. Thus there are all types of people in any society and everyone have to get justice one way or the other. Can you answer how are you all benefited by arguing in this forum? If we can do something to help you, we could willingly do that.