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@ Maha….social complaints and issues are childish. Do you think ours in the first complaint here?? You mean everyone who has brought their issues, who is arguing is childish….? Are you not putting your points across?…so you are childish too?? We are putting points across by citing examples of our own life, whats the big deal??….when other cite examples of their own life…..theres is suffering…?? Our are childish arguments??

So men who blame women here….are sharing “their sufferings”…we are being immature…..!!

2. Internet forums ARE read NOT just by just members..but by many neutral/people who have different views too. Dont worry, we wont come to your homes and private spaces to put out points across…but wrong views viewable to public will meet resistance. If the purpose of this forum had been just to act agony aunt to few men…I would not have come here….but if the idea is to influence public opinion…then be ready to face the criticism!!

3. How are we benefiting by arguing here?? We don’t do everything for personal benefits.!!…if there are people who over and over again read about men and their injustice and one sided opinions….let them read something else too!!..How about we tell you that if you don’t like what we are writing you dont read it instead of asking us to stop posting! We are not arguing with you, coz biased opinions of few men, mean anything to us…….but for presenting the other side of the story on a forum read by general public…!!

4. If I had wanted sympathy, I would have gone to woman helpline or something….I want a social change in the attitude towards women

5. Havent heard of too many mothers in law, being burnt by their daughters in law…and this reason is enough to believe….that women who have suffered injustice over a long period of time, want to propagate this further. Its time to break this loop and cycle of injustice…and end women’s suffering while they are daughters in law and wives, so that they dont later “convert” into angry mothers in law who want to be “compensated” for their miseries by the next generation of women.

6. I didn’t go to threads where any male was abused…I went to threads where women were abused..and men like you all were suppressing their expression. You all came to the threads to suppress expression and not vice versa….equality kaa forum hai ye..??? Atleast few people will read and understand the mentality of people treating women here…and not get brainwashed by such idea!!

You have a reason for every bias?? Now you want to drive away women who talk about equality….sorry, we are here to stayin this world,we will survive and even talk and spread our ideas!!…..but definitely not stay quiet at unjust attitude anywhere…….if you dont like to read…good bye..find a “favorable” post to comment on and seek solace!!…