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@crkannan…1. There are not rare cases…there are many cases of dowry deaths….and men here argue that verbal abuse an even beating are not dowry tortures…!!..Even psychologists believe the ill effects of domestic abuse..including verbal battering…how seriously it affects women….and believe me, battering women is very very prevalent.

2. No one is against talking about men who have been wrongly accused. But this forum seems to not be only about defending few men who have been wrongly accused under 498A….it seems to be putting many unjust points across….please read few problems women have put across and how vehemently men have accused them with such prejudiced mindsets.

3. Women are going for jobs now, and thats definitely a solution…..but people have not given up their traditional mindsets…now the expectations have increased to traditional bahu with additional income source. Thats not possible…..its like doubling the pressure on her……. Men and in-laws, need to part with their “age old demands”..only then it will be easy for women to grow and focus on their careers….and having a career is definitely a good solution, as you have said…..but now when she has started earning……its time to give her independence, justice and equality to help her grow. She is earning too….so give her everything that you expect for yourself.