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Because of Feminists Indian Law makers making gender biased laws, and Women organsations and commissions encourgae women to file false case, so they can show more satistics to get funds from Government and international bodies. such laws are bread n butter for these women organisations. but when women is divorced no organisations are coming forward to help her. sooner or later wise women will understand this and revolt(hopefully) as of now judiciary already realised there is misuse of such laws and even police started to suspect even real victims of dowry demand.

it is said “Women dig their own grave” let them misuse, and real victim will pay the price.

MyNation Foundation suggested many amendments in 2005 [ Ref : ] They asked only one point to add thats punishment for misuser of 498a. but NCW/WCD opposed it coz they want to scot free even after misusing and robing husband.

India never make gender equal laws like this [ ] LAWS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM

MATRIMONIAL HOMES ACT 1967 , other countries says spouse instead wife/women as in India.