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so in your district how many women burnt to death because of Dowry demand. ?

I have`t heard single such report in last 30 years or so.

but i seen women run away next day of marriage with her lovers.

Women who killed her husband with the help of her Lover. ; these are everyday stories burnt to death may one in million, for whatever reason she may be died but her family relate it to Dowry demand.

as you wrote “most of the girls do not wish to stay with in- laws because of fear or insecurity” but as per me they dont want to stay coz she cannt control and manipute her husband, and when husband goes to work she do not want someone to watch over her what she do, whom she meet.

for ages all women used to saty with in laws and in laws did`t butcherd them for meat. and there was hardly any divorce, this only started after all these women centric laws came.

its nothing about peace of mind, or you mean to say so far indian women had no peace of mind ?

if women is family oriented and want her marriage to be successful she can stay anywhere. todays most of the women marry for part time, as they know husband is just a ATM machine

and because of gender biased laws,

Indian Women can reap where they dont saw.