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A man cannot live with dowry alone except in very very rare cases in India. A woman cannot live with alimony alone except in very very rare caes even in Canada.I am not saying that a woman must be tortured. But I would like 498a to be abolished. A woman can divorce her husband if she does not like her husband for whatever reason. But she must think several times before putting her husband and his family in jail u/s 498a. The whole society can be blamed for a woman`s problem like the police, politicians, lawyers, working environment, lack of equality, people who arrange marriages, and so on. It is incorrect just to punish a husband alone and frighten him. Women will realize once they learn to be independent that alimony and dowry and even divorce are minor issues for their happiness. 498a will only increase the existing problems. If women demand more and more equality, divorces will increase. Sooner or later India will have to adopt no fault divorce system and a mechanism to make divorce easier.

If all/many men are arrested u/s 498a, there will be a revolution in India.