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CrKannan, Sorry to learn about your mother. Point here it is not that one full gender is evil. Some Men torture wife and vice versa. Your mother (a lady) was tortured by your Grand Mother (another Lady). So it is also not pt. that only male torture females.

In many a case 498A is filed only to harass husbands. Everyone (males & females) wants a good family life and decent, understanding partners. Most of problems happen becuz of EGO.

If there is lack of understanding and thrust it is better to separate out, but then questions comes about ALIMONY. Women think that is their right and then stalemate comes and many a cases 498A/ DV etc are filed only to extract maximum out of husband or to bulldoze husband to accept all conditions for living together or separation.

I totally agree that there should not be any dowry involved in marriage and their should be proper education for girls. But that should be done to stand on their feet. Till 498A, DV/ CrPc 125, Dowry are in the society thinking of equality is mirage only. Thanks