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Dr Dsouza, I read the story. this is very pathetic. It shows how much efficient our police is.

Smi, u may not have seen any incident of misuse of 498A. I would like to share my story here. I got married in feb, 2004. The girl was pschyzophrenic(mentally unstable). Since the marriage was fixed through a mediator who was known to us, we could’nt figure it out. we’d talked to girl also but could’nt identify. she was on medication for her mental problems. Later on she was hospitalized also two times for the same problem(by her family members). I was posted in mumbai at that time. She went missing two times in mumbai. Missing complaints were lodged with the police. In my six years of marriage, she lived with me hardly for one year. She enjoys torchering me. She hates my parents, brother and his wife and my sis. I tried everything to settle the course. Ultimately she lodged 498A against my family which includes my mother, retired father, brother(engr, astt manager in a reputed firm) and married sister. We’d seen a very tough time. very difficult to explain that experience. I’ve lost my innocence in this whole phase of life. Two times I was ditched by my lawyers. I was fortunate enough, managed to avoid any arrest.

now it’s upto you whether u believe me or not that i’m not guilty. My mother, sister and brother’s wife are extremely good. Not all women are bad. But some women are bad also and when they misuse 498A, it becomes fatal for a family.