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taken his place? place for talking abt equality i guess

btw i was just scanning ur posts. u didnt mentioned the actual cruelty by ur hubby. everytime u said please read my previous comments. one place u wrote he caught in an indecent act with some minor, left his place, filed for divorce etc. but his doesnt shows any cruelty or cruelty to the extent of 498a. 498a is “supposed” to be used in gravest of circumstances.

and lets keep aside ur hubby, ur MIL and FIL never caused cruelty towards u. u filed 498a on those old people just because they were helping their son. thats ridiculous.

and yes even if ur 498a is genuine thank god for ur hubby there are many false 498a in india due to which there is a mindset abt every 498a case of being false.

if you really want genuine suffering women to be helped advice women not to file false 498a. but for that you’ll have to go to a women’s forum. but i bet this is the only place where u r writing giving adivces to men to be couteous to their ever demanding wife and still moderator here allows to ur express ur views. try writing in any womens forum abt men’s rights u’ll be kicked right away. shows the difference.