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dear rekha dont so worked up truth is bitter.

probably ur husband took away the child because maybe he also thought he cannot live with u further and legally he cannot have the child 24*7.

u asked maintenance of child from father and allowing him to meet only once in 14 days and putting that as if u have done some huge favour to him. what if ur husband proposes that he’ll give the child not 5K but 25K, he’ll give him the most luxurious life even if he has to beg, borrow or steal but let the child be with him 24*7 and u get to meet him once every fortnight. will u agree for the sake of child? if u r not breastfeeding him right now what more right do u have over father to keep him.

a child need mother just for breastfeeding. what extra can a women give him that the father cannot. pity the father who cannot be with his small child. he’s crying day in and day out away from the child.