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Absolutely Right Doc.

If someone is aware about his/her duties and fulfilling the same there is no need for anyone to poke his nose. There might be some suggestions to improve which are required everywhere whether you are in job or elsewhere.

Now the people have forgotten that before expecting some thing from the other, one should do his/her part first. You sow first and after lot of labout a good crop is expected. In old days the bride was given the keys of the home once she had proved herself to able to manage the home, after toiling day and night while serving the entire family as a part of the same family. Hence the base of the relationship was very strong. But these days the girls start expecting half the share of his husband’s belonging very next day of the marriage and even before.

There is no denial that the Husband has to maintain her wife. What if the needs are not justified. She nags him day and night for one reason or the other and most of the time its her ill thoughts about the family of the Husband. How can she expect that she has now become the master of the male counterpart and he should forget everything once got married. This is the droconian Hindu Marriage Act. Where meaning of the family have been distorted where only wife and children are included. Thats why the joint families are hard to hear.