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i still didnt get my answer

if ur husband proposes that he’ll give the child not 5K but 25K, he’ll give him the most luxurious life even if he has to beg, borrow or steal but let the child be with him 24*7 and u get to meet him once every fortnight. will u agree for the sake of child?

u said “the laws says the child less than 5 years should be in the custody of mother ” is this u answer. can u tell me the basis of this law. can u tell me if this law is gender neutral. what extra does a women gives that a man cannot besides breastfeeding. y this stupid law. after 5 years what are the chances the baby will come to father after being poisoned minded by the egoistic mother.

and then leave aside law does anything prevents u giving custody of child to father if he gives the above proposition. isnt this in more interest of child than getting paltry maintenance amount from father.

please be specific this time in answering.