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Dr.Dsouza, Please dont fight for me, as I have got practice of my wife was misbehaving with me like this only that i dont give her respect and love inspite of i was giving her respect and love so their is no proof of such things, respect is a way of action, which is positive and lovely and understanding with maturity to show your warth to other person. Here I have used some bad words not for rekha or to mywife or any ladies of my family as they are not like that, but ya in society as rekha is saying that males are bad as she has right to say as she is vicitim of her husband but she also dont want other husband who are vicitims of some bad ladies under whom my wife has come and is infulenced by those bad ladies so my wife took such decision, and so i was using such bad words for those ladies who infulenced my wife to take such a bad decision and so i wrote that i love my wife as i do always yet love her and will always, but that i need not to show to this victimised rekha and i need not to prove her as who is she to me nothing so let her say what she wants to say, as i believe that, she is so much victimised by her husband and so she sees in every male her husband (i have sympathy for her.. bechari..) and so evenif it is my blog where she and i dont have any relations then also from somewhere came out like jansi ki rani and started verbal sword fightting with me and i feel to laugh at her as i feel she has understood me as her husband and so if she has understood me as her husband as without relations with me she came to fight with me that only shows she sees her husband in me and so as i told you that i love my wife and it is my wife has left me so if this rekha herself understand me as her husband so then i have to show my love for my wife so i beared it that on this talk she is like my wife so what i can say i have to keep silence so i have not replied her anything let her feel like, khisyani beeli khambha noche.. so let her say what she likes we are like elephants that anybody barks we dont feel bad only we feel fear of God and no one else. so let her be feel like khisyani beeli khambha noche.. and i know that she is not my wife but she started a verbal fight with me so i understood that she is so much victimised by her husband that she sees every male as her husband and i do respect her also that ok your are allowed to think like whatever you wish to think for me or for all males as when a wife is right against her husband and husband has did bad then she always behaves like a khisyani beeli khambha noche.. so Dr Desouza, let her be free she is under very big trauma i dont want to increase her trauma i feel much petty for her and i feel we should help her as these so called women cell are also not helping her so she has came to this forum where all victims husbands are meeting, so may be she has come here to find out some victim husband who can take care of her but rekha sorry i dont want to marry again so i will not take interest in you much,you may find other peoples who are interested in you who are victims of husband i feel sorry for your case and you.. please take care and enjoy life up to fullest and dont go in any others personal life without knowing the facts or else u have to listen much which may your husband might have made u understand but i think u have not followed of him so u feel your husband is bad. anyway it is your personal issue you can enjoy the way u like for me i am khyisana bela khambha noche type of feelings is not there for me i have aanadi raaja pari ko manaye, pari hi hai to samaj na payee.. aanandi raaja pari ko manaye.. her u r not the pari it is my wife who is more than a pari but you cant write for your husband like this as you are khisyani beli khambha noche… anyway please dont see me later as i am not your husband and dont comment on my blog much or else you will enjoy more then this.. thankyou mr. dr desouza to give me a way to speak to you about it.