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Law should be same for all, as per your Law of Land (LOL) only mother should get child below 5 years right ?

i can show many recent judgments even father got girl child custody? so its not law of land which change colours. i can call it law of ladies, who think only mother is capable raise child better.

i think u know only injection giving doctor.

child will not have your breastfeed when its 20 year old, it need it when its below 5 only,if a women is not ready to give that what is the use whatever money she earn. breastfeed is Child right, and todays women violate it. coz child is not complaining. we men have to demand childs rights,and fight for it, and charge all women for violating it. Rekha i know you are one too.

i will give u examples of 2 families.

one family raise thier children with god fear/good education/non smoker/non alcholic and later settle in left verywell with reputation

Other family totaly reverse of above.

now whom will you leave your child, thinking he will be raised in morals ?