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Dear all

I have been suffering the torture from my wife for the past 11 years. she being psycho I had always tried to help her. Even left my parental home and lived separately. I just told her that I have my duties towards my parents and she should not stop me in doing so.

After 9 years of staying together she presses me to go abroad and join her relatives, to which I refused. Later she went to her parental home took my child along and files 125 CrPC and I filed RCR from Gurgaon. I didn’t see my child for 6 months. Afterwards brought them back and started staying together.

After 5-6 months, she again disappeared in my absence and took the child along and files 498 against me. In CAW cell I requested the authorities to let me see the child first and in the meeting I requested them all to allow my child to appear in his final exams. The Police authorities understood that this problem has been created by the lady and forced her to bring the child to the cell. There the boy, who was 8 and grown up to tell the truth and told that if he has to chose one between me and my wife, he will choose me because I love him the most.

Again the lady didn’t allow my son to come along with me and appear for his finals. Then I asked my son if he wants to stay with me I will take him from somewhere nearby. God gave me strength and courage to show Tit for Tat. I brought the child home. It has been 3 years now and I am happy. Patience paid its fruit.

Though there are cases still running. But I feel, patience, truth and Dharma (your duty) coupled with courage are key to the happiness.

Mr Cannan, take the child in your favour and elope. No one can touch you even.