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Sanjay Mehra

You people are totally unrealistic and want to give me a dose on reality. You want 498a to remain and punish the misuser. As long as there is 498a, there is every possibility of a man being jailed.How do we know that you are not guilty. In my opinion a man cannot live with dowry alone and a woman cannot live with alimony alone except in very rare cases. Dowry and alimony are trivial issues. The woman has to work if they want to leave their husbands. Divorce will increase in India. So you should fight for a no fault divorce system and child custody and visitation rights for the father. Dont think I dont know anything. You people are a minority among minority and you have have not gathered enough support in the memorandum to Rajya Sabha. But you dont care about the feelings of a father.

I had sponsored my wife and son to Canada and spent a lot of money. I expected my wife to help me and earn in canada. My son being 18 now could also start earning in Canada from the age of 15. To come to Canada, you need education, no criminal record, work experience, medical check up, permission from wife, police clearance certificate and so on. My wife listening to her amway friends and her mother and brothers let the visa expire. In Canada both husband and wife have to work. Also my father in law had passed away. So mother in law could not stay with her sons played some politics and kept my wife and son with her. Now after 6 years, my wife says that her mother has asked her to leave the sons house. She says that she has lost her job. She did not even send my son for a vacation to canada. My wife had lost her career in canada and her sons education in Canada.Now she wants too come and stay in my house in Chennai and wants my father to leave. My brother in laws should pay a huge compensation for this loss atleast to my son.

I had given a guaranteed to the canadian Government that I will be responsible for my wife and son for atleast 3 years. But still my wife let the canadian visa expire. she prefers to file a police complaint against me and my father instead of having a good career in Canada. In canada there is a good legal system for women and women get jobs more easily than men at my age.

In 498a, the husband his parents, sister, brothers are jailed and punished. my wife takes money from my father and brother. But if a man asks compensation from his his mother in law and brother in laws it is dowry. I would not like my son to be married in India as long as these laws are there.