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I am happy to bear the expenses of my family (wife and kids) but not for their parents and relatives. If I dont spend for them, she is threatening to suicide. Names were mutually, agreed. But she might lie that I never consulted her in selecting the names. She is a liar, I have seen in many situations. She is having un predictable behaviour which is more harmful for me. Even, if she did not help me thats fine, but she always harming me, my prestiege, my ethics and tradition. I have booked her an air ticket to travel on 31st Mar 2011. If she would like to come and join, she can come. But, if she is not coming, my money will be wasted. This is the attitude of my wife. Always wastes money, my efforts. I belive this is real cruelty. If she is not coming, she can always, I dont want to return, so book me for only one way. I might have saved some money. But she never does that. Could you please suggest me?