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do you love her? what made her throw mangal soothr. why is she hating you so much. why do you still want to live with her? is it for kids? you are not thinking of parting at the moment. does she want to part?

now that you are a family. you need to make compromises at least for the sake of kids. they need a father too. you cannot make some one love you with so much of hatred. if she is not coming forward you take the intiative. understand she is a new mother and she needs lot of love and caring too and also emotional support. give her some more time and do not force her to come with you till she can manage to take care both the kids herself (if no one is there with you abroad for support). your actions will show your feelings. nothing can be achieved thru force. both of you need to go to the marriage counselors atleast one. she and you will want childs welfare. visit your kids no matter where they are. it is your right.