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please already your wife is verymuch unhappy with you mr. as she did of her own sucide attempt this shows she is how much unhappy with you and you might have did very bad that a person has gone up to this level as if she has not did of her own then it means you have did, no as per you told that u have not did anything then we believe that u have not did anything and she has did of her own and if we believe you that she has did of her own a sucide attmept then think mr.anuragupta, that how much pain that lady has got from you please think on that aspect also, so i am not blaming you, if u have not did anything means u are totally innocent and she is fully culprit is not always the situation happens, may be in million one case might be there where wife is tottaly innocent or husband is totally innocent, or else every husband sees that he is not at fault and so wife sees that in her that she not at fault then this sucide case has happened and according to you she has did of her own, so think how much she is unhappy with you, so better dont do any case against her i am not on her side or not on your side i am on humanity side, so what i suggest is dont do any case only do a case where u inform to police in police case that she has did a sucide attmept of her own and now she is perfect and ok in healthwise and she is not staying with u for last 6 months and u fear of 498 a or any other wrong cases may be imposed on you but for that u must have a good amount of proof that u have not trouchered her or u have kept her very good way some videos, photos, of ceremony, some occasions video in which she is happily living with you and your family and majoirity of your neibours should say in your favour as if u are good then only they will say or else not, then only u get immunity from all wrong cases and if u have did any bad then forget what will happen will be sorted out thru money only, then ready to spend much money as if they are having the proof against u and if they dont have even but you also dont have your innocency proof then only money can save u how much u pour it in legal system to save you and your family better to give to your wife then legal system so u go with some middle man and solve the issue on family basis then legal basis, it is waiste of time, money , energy ,job ,respect,emotional imbalances will increase if u go to court for many times and then u will feel its better to do out of court settlement,. as i have faced it so i am saying it is terrifiying and horrific to pass from such situtaion where police will eat money ,judge will also eat money and lawyer also eat money and all other rrealted to all these will eat money and other will see the tamasha and both side of parties will feel they are cheated by others, and society will be happy to see all are fighting and others will show love to eachothers which will pinch us in heart to see oursleves a bad guy or bad girl and feeling very bad to the scenaario better dont do much case on your wife as she is already hurted by you, either you wantingly or unwantingly you have hurted your wife and that thing u confess not in public but in personal in your heart as if she is bad then u are not good as if u are good then a person has come to your life cant do such crime of killing their own self, which means as an outsider something your presure was there which has led her to this situation,but nevermind i am not here to show u as cultprit and your wife as devi or you as devta and she is dayan, so both have their own personal likings and dislikes and so if u are mismatching to eachother then better unitedly give consent to be ununited i.e fordivoerece, so both will be happy at lowest cost and time and energy will be saved and love other person in place of her or him and enjoy your life with full of humanity, so according to me u must reconsilve with your wife with some mediatere that is the best opotion. and keep all the talks proof in audio or video recording so that u can prove that u are innocent and so dont be angry oon your wife evenif she becomes angry on you. as u are good man and that very thing u have to show to world if u are then… kandarp