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Rekha Ji

You are right circumstances and upbringing affect everyone, as she herself had once admitted that she got this behaviour as she was deprived of love from her parents as they started take more care once her younger sister was born. she herself used to react when she sees that the family was giving more attention to the newly born, then her brother used to beat her. But now the same brother comes with her to attend the court proceedings, and collect the money which is being paid as interim maintenance. What an Irony.

Thanks for the advice, but I don’t need visitation, as now the kid is with me as per his choice and liking, which he showed everywhere starting from his School, then CAW cell and later when the police came to arrest me in 498 A proceeding and told the truth every where. He is the one who inspired me to go for Divorce. Can you expect an 8 year old suggesting his father to go for divorce.

Now I and my child with my parents are very happy together. Sometimes I feel pity for the lady, who herself set her home on fire. But don’t see a single sign of repent when I meet her in the Court Room.

I can still forgive and forget but some one should feel the guilt, admit the mistake and seek for forgiveness.

One more thing, her brother himself had tasted 498A and is divorced. Isn’t it interesting that she learnt all the stuff from the proceedings of her own brother.