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Dear Mr Mahesh Naik,

Listen i dont know much about the case laws properly, but i have faced divorce problem like you and i have came out from it easily in one sense, but i have to face lot for that. LIsten, first of all stop all communication with those who are common friends relatives of yours and her, stop to bypass any information to them.

Point No.1 stop all typesof communication to those who are common friends and relatives of your wife and also stop all communication to your wife as u yourself has did divorce petition that means now u dont want to keep relations with her. and these days before some 10 years back or so i personally has seen divorce on such grounds are happening many, so dont worry.

Point No.2 the cheques they have stollen and kept with them to black mail you if u have your lawyer inform him to do the needfull but if your lawyer in such cases lawyers are also culprits they use to squize you by getting much money and they dont do much for you, if u have found such lawyer then my friend dont rely on him, better u find some best lawyer and if u cant pay much then find a lawyer who is cheapest but dont go with one only what u do is say the story to many different different and not the friends of your own lawyer but go in court area try to find out unkonw and different lawyer and dont tellhim your lawyer name so he cant contact your lawyer that u have approached xyz, so keep cool and find out some 4 to 5 different lawyers and dont tell them that u met anyone of them as they can find out the case and lawyer who is handling your case and by doing such things try to find out the solution of your problems in legal terms as i have did such things and i was very luck to get many lawyers differently and then i have came up on conclusion for my case even my lawyer was taking time and doing mischeif with me then i have fought with him verbly and took my case back that also happened with me, so u did one thing first take as many different different lawyers ideas and views on your case which will get u much better idea how to deal with your wife legaly and thru police department. for cheques problem and also for 498 problems.

Point no.3 dont be unhappy it happens and so what u have to do for your flat is dont give to tenant as if your wife will do big mischeif is if u have not did any agreement with your tenant of 11 months leave and licence contract then u may loose your flat with that tenant and you have to pay for nothing the emi to bank, so dont do that vacat the tenent as early as possible.

go to bank and say them that i cant able to pay another emi if my wife wants to pay then let it be or else i want to sell the falt and i want to pay back, as if u will pay emi then also as it is purchased after your marriage and it is also in the joint name of your wife so it is not possible to get anything to you as half is in her name and half she can ask as ellemoney from you so u will loose in anycase your flat evenif u will pay total emi as your wife is on rampage to eat your money, so what u have to do is smart work. first of all go to tenant and vacat your flat in some time till that time keep silence and find out what u can do next in your legal battle to safeguard you. but in mean time when your flat is vacated by your tenent then go to bank and tell them i have paid emi now i cant so whatever i have paid is you pay me back and whatever i have to pay is you take it from other person who wish to buy your flat, as if u will keep on emi then also your wife will ask for it, so what willhappen is if your wife dont want to sell then she will stop bank to sell it so bank will ask for money and if your wife wishes to keep that flat on her name then she has to be compled to pay from her own pocket from her father money to save your falt in her name and if such thing happens forget other paid emi money to bank as that is a loss to you but u will come out from this situation very fast. and so if ur wife needs that flat then she will pay to bank and if she dont then u can sell it and repay back to bank your total loan amount and balance u keep with you if something remains to settle your previous paid emi loss. if such things doesnt happen then stop emi is the first thing so bank will take charge of flat, i understand it is your hard earned money but evenif u will pay emi till last date then also your flat is not yours as it is half parted by you when u made your wife joint partner in your flat so now she is owner of that flat which u will pay emi so better dont pay emi and vacat that flat from tenent or else do one thing take a leave and licence agareement on signature from your tenenat if u have not did it then or else if your tenent will go wrong then u have to pay emil also and your flat will also go from your hands and also from wife’s hand better tenent should not get advantage of your problems, if your wife gets then it is your luck but yetshe is your wife better then your tenent who is unkonwn, here u can convience court of elle money paid in kind like flat i am giving what ever i have paid is elle money as u might have paid atleast 1 or 2 or 3 lacs till date so that let be the elle money on your opart to be paid to your wife and let your wife hold that flat and let her pay the balance emi but i warn you dont have further emi please or u are going to loose more as yoour wife is on rampage to eat up your total income.

point no4 start to stop your job for 10 days or week times as if u show you are jobless and in meantime go to your job owner and tell him what u are having problems and ask him to help as if he should give you a certificate of job that u are working as peon or something like small job then what u are doing now and devaluate your job payment from him if posssible, if he says yes it is ok and if says no then dont worry give a resignation and let him sign and show that copy as if u are not working with that company who was paying you good salary and then find out bad job to show only work as where u are working but show as if u r not working or working somewhere where u get proof also practically and physically also that u are working xyz company which is paying something like 5000 rupees so maintenance when it will be decided by court at that time u dont have to pay much amount as maintenace to your wife and also keep that xyz job appointment letter as yourproof with you, if you get actually such job then your wife wish and will be in vein as she wants free money from your work and she wants to enjoy you without giving you all family needs and support. so it seems that u are in bad box so do such things then only you have to pay less money or else u will have to pay good amount of elle money and also much amount of maintenance till your case will longer in court and also you have to pay for emi for flat and also your wife or your tenenat will take it up or bank will take it up if u willnot pay emi in all case your flat will go away so better u do what i have told if possible. accoridng to me u stop this good paid money job for timebeing and have proof of low paid job once your case is settled then go for good job as till that time u will be in trouble but if u will continue such big paid job then big money u have to pay to bank thru emi and also wife will enjoy maintenance and elle money in big amount so again u will be bankcroupt. so to save your life and moeny go for lower quality job and lower paid job to safe gaurd your future interest. it is the only way out, rest is take not one but many lawyer ideas and views to find out what exactly u have to do but in that keep one thing is common is dont say your existing lawyer name or address or your case number to each different lawyer plus whoomyou have met the different lawyers name as if u will say every place your existing lawyer name or whom you met the lawyer to other lawyer then they will find out who u r and where is your case and then they all will manipulate your situation so keep secretly your case and find out the out come befor your existing lawyer say anything to you so u get idea your lawyer is doing work in your favour or he is just taking time as those laweyr who wish to make your case weak will definately takes time or else he could have worked faster then wht u think .. so such things and try to find out the sitatuion in your favour then u have to be strong for job also and u keep yourself ready for jail also to show only so that u wife tempo of killing you thru eating money will break up and so then u will win and she will loose and then u will get all things automatically sorted out.