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I have come across many such cases and from my own experience I am now fully confident that these all are psycho cases.

My wife also used to do behave in this way and I tried out to counsel her, give her more time to understand whats wrong and she told me that when she was hardly 8 when her youngest sister was born and all the people around her started giving more attention to the new comer and she herself started feeling neglected and used to react, then her brother used to beat her, which caused so much of anger in her.

I gave her love, respect. She had compartment in BCom when we got engaged and after marriage did NTT, BLib, MLib. Tried hands on MCom twice, which she could not clear.

She filed CRPC 125 against me, brought her back with lots of persuasion as I love my family, my son and not to forget my parents too. Even staying apart from parents didn’t help. And now I’m a 498A accused. Spent 8 days behind bars and still cases are going on. Giving maintenance of 8k per month.

Still I would say. God is great. I am doing my dharam for my kid and parents. This is best what I can do.