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True, living ever happily is not possible. But the problem here is, the girl is not mentally fit. These type of girls are psychos, You love them, they will become possessive, won’t allow you to go in society, talk to any feminine, start suspecting/blaming you for having relations with other women.

You ask why is she unhappy, you fulfill one demand in the morning to make her happy. She is unhappy again in the noon,now there is another demand, fulfill it one more round the corner in the evening. The list is endless.

You will be run over with the Patience one day and with next day you have your 498 A.

After formation of SIF, I guess lets try and build some Old age homes for the 498 A sufferers, because these ladies won’t will not allow you to resettle as their own chances of remarriage being 498 A are remote.

Rekha ji, I loved my woman so much and tried to keep her happy. I moulded my self to think that I’m not having a single kid but two.