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in case your husband was cruel, you could have walked out of the marriage with dignity. You could not do so because you were not financially independent i believe. In case you are not you could have asked for monthly maintenance and could have worked for yourself and your child.

Rekha ji, if you ask for exorbitant amounts as compensation and say that he is unwilling to do so then where is your integrity.. can u not support your child and yourself or is it that you want to enjoy life on your husband’s money. please have some self respect and work hard and prosper. there is nothing left in all such case baazi… you are not going to get anything. And remember one thing, Good or Bad you do for others… will ultimately come back to you. May be your husband was not good enough but since you are not bad you should not resort to such cheap acts.

If someone doesn’t treat you nicely… make yourself worthy of being treated nicely… if he is bad.. you should leave bad things behind you and move ahead for better things… Be good and God will be good to you…

My advice to you is ” Do not get enslaved by your anger, i know you cannot think beyond revenge”

If your husband was bad… ask for a settlement and move ahead in life… you are spoiling ur life… i can see it from the anger coming out of you…. You are having an option of getting out of this hell.. and you are not leaving it… Look at poor fellows who don’t have the option of getting out of this hell… for no mistake of theirs and are treated badly… i am saying all this as a friend… please do not take me otherwise…