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When you do not want your husband, why are you begging for his money ?

-what if he also does not want me?what will you call the money given to that girl or his parents/siblings.

498a will not justify your move, as you misused it.

-In what ways?

you should have filled related case for what he has done. and asked for Divorce instead blackmailing like this.

498a is definately not filed for cheating. you or wrong he wanted divorce after I cought him red handed. I have not asked for my legal right though I am eligible. it is for the son (child support)and if he is so much concerned should he not? had I worked continuesly and not married to him I would have bought a house of my own?

Why dont you thought about Child when you filled 498a+ cases ?

why this question only for him.

-why not this question to him???. I thought of child should have both father and mother and trying to solve the problem through councellor. & if I want I cud have filed all cases(CR125 and DV) long back. but he took the first stand by abducting and filing for divorce / child custody. he himself wanted to get into problems and did not think about the child.