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If any women is harassed or subjected to cruelty and if she has such proofs then there is law to protect her interest. leaving job is upto her. husband or his family should not force her, it should be with mutual understanding. if she was working at her mothers place and after marriage she has to move to husband place, so she cannt demand that she want to work at same place. and that should decided before marriage itself.

if she has children, custody should not given to her, just becuase she is mother/women or should not given to her coz in the name of child she will bargain for money from husband. as per some judgements working or capable to work women will not get maintenance, so she has to prove finding new job and capable to raise child better than her husband. and whoever get the custody should demand other parent to visit child every week and spend at least 2 hours valuable time with the child. and any parent who fill child ears against other parent should bared from meeting or visiting child or should visit under supervision.