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Chor-Chor mausere bhai……nahin behene (Sisters). Ek hi jagah par hazarr jhoot. Husband agar Bhabhi ko support kare tau he has physical relations with his bhabhi. Yeh apne jija ke saath so bhi jayen tau bhi yeh sati savitri. This Gulati has sprinkled salt on my wounds and reopenned them. My wife was also like that. She didn’t spare her own elder sister even. One should not be so suspicious that the pious relation of Devar/Bhabhi has not been been spared. She herself should have given mental support of her Jethani, if her husband is mentally ill. I’m sure this Gulati must have instead made the life of her husband hell that could be the reason, he is not willing to see her. Instead of supporting the family who is going thru the agony of the elder son being mentally ill. She increased their pain. How hard hearted this lady would be, I can’t even imagine. If she was not able to raise her child there was no reason she should have taken her along. Am sure, she must have gone in ego, that this act will bring her husband to her feet, which didn’t happen now Khisyani billi khamba noche. But the law has given them so many teeth and claws with which she can scratch anyone from in laws side.

Girls/ladies, we don’t need you here, particularly 498 A type and liars. We warn you to stop using this forum and go ask your lawyers, they will tell you 101 ways to harrass your husband. Rekha, Human being now some Gulati, be advised to get your own web site created and interact there. I am sure these 498A ladies don’t need any help from our side. They are like parasites on their hubbies and again stealing the resources which we have created for our purpose. They are self sustained in terms of money and intelligence. I’m surprized they can earn themselves but envy the husband because he is earning more. They want the same status but live separate, just bcoz law is with them. Please don’t forget there is some one above this law of land, the almighty.

But now who studies the epics and has the sanskar of becoming a dutiful wife. They won’t share the burden of the husband, they themselves become the burden. Wah are aaj ki Saavitri……….Woh husband ke pran bacha ke lai thi, these whores are asking ways to kill them.

We have enough trouble for ourselves and don’t need more shit from you.

Dr. Dsouza please see if something can be done about this.