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Abducting child from fathers home by women is biggest CRIME than not paying maintenance to child.

coz Indian Law support such misuse; terming only mother is capable to raise the child.

If Father take the child away from mother thats ABDUCTION if Women do that SAINTLY deed.

what a bias.

coz as per Feminists when women fail to get maintenance, she can demand in the name of Child.

its shame on women, who demand maintenance. when they are not capable to pay for childs milk money why they want child. and if Father pays what is the guarantee she will spend that money for Child.

There should be Law, child should not be taken away from the house where she is at the time of seperation.

and only half spending should be awarded to Father and Women should give proof of other half Child maintenance money, if she is failed then she should not be awarded child custody.

thats neutral Law.