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this policies are for upliftment of woman and there will be time when this will be abolished. can you not see the changes in society for sati system to present modern women.

you haven’t answered the questions raised. why do women seek for well-settled men for marriage? Why are so many men unable to marry simply because their earnings are less? Why do women seek rich men for marriage? What has these got to do with policies for upliftment of women? Moreover, what about upliftment of men who have been oppressed and suppressed by society, not allowed to cry, weep, not allowed to express emotions, being considered disposable etc.? You want to rob men of their rights and pay women? This is inhuman and men’s activists will oppose it.

it is easy to say estrogen runs in blood of a woman and testostrone in man’s blood. what is the effect of estrogen in the body? life is created in woman’s body. can you change this? who bears the pains of child birth man or woman?.

this is one big excuse of child birth that has been used by women to get undeserving privileges for themselves. In the past, when getting food was difficult and dangerous, would involve tackling wild animals and vagaries of nature, and when providing food for society and family involved threat to life, women used this excuse of child-birth and made men protect and provide them, very often at the cost of their lives. Women were very happy to be inside the four walls of the house then. Now, with industrialisation, mechanisation and with threat of nature having receded, women suddenly want to compete with men and are blaming the men for playing the role of protecting and providing them as a form of their “oppression”. Enough is enough! Child birth is not as painful as it is projected to be. Do you know what it takes a man to preserve his sperms and semen? Do you know the quantity of blood needed to form semen? Life is created in the man’s body too; not just the woman’s.

And because woman gives birth to a child does not mean concessions in tax. What equality are you propagating when you have double talks? You want equality of convenience and not true equality. This is unacceptable!

what ever be child is the product of man and women . marriage comes with duties and responsbility.what should the wife/husband do if their spouses have not cared about the responsbility??

what should the man do when his wife acts like a feminazi the way you are doing now? What with most women today having been brainwashed into becoming feminists? You are talking about duties and responsibilities. Can you spell out the duties and responsibilities of a wife?