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Do you consider marriage as a institution? How it is based and arranged is irrelevant once the marriage has happened. There is difference between legitimate and illegitimate relation which is also based on the social norms, social values, social concept.

Whatever you have stated or asked has nothing to do with the argument that is going on here. The issue is about alimony and maintenance to educated, employable women. And, my point is that no woman should be entitled to it [with exceptions]. Whether I consider marriage as an institution or a non-entity, about legitimate or illegitimate is NOT the issue. Why should men pay alimony or maintenance for having got married? Is marriage a crime for men? It seems so with all the anti-male laws!

Do you have statistical data ready with you on how many man marry after separation. And how many woman with child marry.

How does statistical data help here? The debate is something else. Not about how many men or women re-marry. Nobody is stopping man or woman from re-marrying.