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I refuse to believe this story… what about farmers, blacksmith, goldsmith, traders, labours who worked in farms.. they were not soldiers??? people did not depend on only hunting for food. what about agriculture and livestock?

Farmers, blacksmith, goldsmith or any other such professionals consisted of men who doubled up as soldiers unlike today where there are full time soldiers. The point is that the dangerous work, hazardous and life-threatening work was vested with the men and men didn’t cry about equality then because of their sexual slavery to women.

whether it was in cave or outside mortality rate was high for both man and woman. in fact woman bore more than two childrens that time and undernurished as they had to depend on their man for protection and providing food. there was no control on deceases or vaccination ..there were no doctors too.

Mortality rate was higher for men than for women. Even today, it is so. Infact, polygamy was prevalent because of this reason. There were few men and many women and those few men’s lives was always uncertain because it involved dealing with vagaries of nature and wild animals. A hunt for food, be it in the wild, or an agricultural land, meant dealing with wild animals, snakes etc. Yes, women bore more than 2 kids but what makes you think that they were undernourished? It is your imagination. Just because they had to depend on men, it does not mean so.

Yes, there were no doctors as today but their food was far more nutritious and there was no pollution as today. Their resistance power was much greater than us

humanity consists of man women (old & adult) and childrens. not all can be soldiers??

If women talk about equality now, why couldn’t they talk about equality then when providing meant dealing with wild animals and vagaries of nature? Just because now there are machines, and threat of nature has receded, women are seeking equality of gender. Even then, they are blaming the men for “keeping them within the four walls of the house in the past”. Whereas in reality, the men were enslaved by the women who made them to protect and provide them risking their lives.