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on 18th I had the date in FC, Pune for my RCR. My wife didnt attended the date. On Last date she was asked by counselor to join the matrimonial home and she had agreed the same infront of the Counselor. But yesterday she gave the lawyer who had filled their say on last date. I have been asked to file my say on next date. She has denied all the charges/allegations mentioned in RCR and alleged that I m alcoholic, loose character, having many illicit relationships/affairs, demanded money harassed her, also beaten her under the influence of Alcohol, thrown her articles out of home and finally i kicked her out of my home.

Now, in her Poilce Complaint she has mentioned that She herself left the home, also in CrPC 125 she has mentioned that she herself left my home. Demands 10K as maintenance apart from 10K under CrPC 125 filled in Akola Family Court. Also demands TA/DA of Rs. 2000/-.

Is this say is to be termed as Affidavit???

Becoz, her lawyer has submitted the same which is handwritten on a plain paper mentioning as Pratidnya Patra.

I’ll be filing my say on next date.

About her Lawyer:- He is a criminal. Has been charged under the Murder. Had imprisonment of 14yrs.


1. Can I file Defamation Suit now or will have to wait?

2. What should be the further steps?

3. Want to File Child Custody? Help on that?

4. Can I raise objection on Lawyer? as he is Criminal?

5. Can I raise objection on the say filed by them…..?

Looking forward for your valuable inputs.