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Dear All,

This is to inform you all that the Judge is not co-operating with me. She is continuously giving very close dates which are in weeks time…….i.e 5th, 10th, 15th, 31st Oct 2011 then 8th, 16th and now 21st Nov 2011. I tried sending Telegram applying for exemption from Personal Appearance in CrPC 125. Its not possible to attend each and every date as I m heart Patient and also the distance between Pune Akola is more than 500kms.

This shows the bias nature of the Family Court Judge.

I even appointed Lawyer in Akola to attain on my behalf but still Judge is not accepting my Say. its almost 3 dates Judge didnt accepted the SAY which was send through my Lawyer. Now in todays Date she ordered NO SAY. What does that mean.

Is is that I cant file my say?????

Will she deliver Ex-Partee now?????

Pls pls help me.

I wanna transfer this case.

or atleast not before the judge.

What is the procedure.