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kurheamol – Why am I seeking for mutually agreeable divorce – because both of my parents are diabetic and are high blood pressure patients and my father had a paralysis attack…I am the only one in family to take care of them. In UP there is no provision of anticipatory bail and my mother-in-law has political connections. That’s why I am looking for mutually agreed divorce.

One more thing, they came up with the divorce proposal a1.5 months back (maybe they wanted to test us or something I don’t know, but we agreed at once, but then they stopped). Not it’s all the threats of several shitty laws which are in favour of the “women”. I wanted to know what my options are if my in-laws go for FIR etc…because that would be theirs last option (they don’t want any divorce at all, they only want me to leave my parents and family and become their puppet…which will never happen). What will happen if I file for the divorce first…

One last thing solving amicably something doesn’t mean you are coward nor have lack of dignity. My dignity doesn’t allow living with a woman who stabbed in back and I won’t let that happen. The bloody irony is

Thanks very much for your invaluable insights.

Dr.Dsouza – I tried several times for the copy of the paper but all in vain…they keep on saying no FIR, no record…

Moderator – please close the this thread and sincere apologies for wasting everybody’s time.