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Thanks Sir. I really appreciate your advice. I am an educated girl and understands that this is required for personal safety. If everything had been in my hands, I would have done it immediately. I will talk to my parents, and make them understand the whole situation. My father still believes that it will end when he will go in his own house. From past 2 years, my brother is saying, he will go and live in his own house but he always changes his mind (Puzzled why?)

Last time in September, when she created scene, she was impossible and tried to prove my mother as mental and said that my father is deaf and blind. When this all was going, I simply dialed the cell number of my brother, but my brother did not bother to listen all this conversation and said we all are liars and she is innocent and in fact she has problems with us. We said, if you have problems, why don’t you move to your house (my brother has bought his own but never goes.. every time, he has an excuse and then sells and reinvest). My parents are living in this society from 1982 and known for their politeness and behaviour but the day she joined our family, she has spoiled our reputation and we dare not stand outside. When I move here and there (like going upstairs), she passes comments as anti social elements do. We cant even breathe in our own house. Earlier, I used to get provoke but now whenever she speaks, I never reply or protect my parents, then she starts calling me bad names and use foul language against me.

Dr Dsouza…Yes my brother is with her because he calls us liar.Let me know, what type of records shall I maintain?

Moreover, every week, she calls her sister and they stand on stairs and passe comments. Her mother and unmarried sister, they visit often and stay here and her mother herself is rude so what can we expect from her?

She harasses us by just one line, “Ek number gumaongi, aur saaro ko ander karvadongi…teri beti ke saath?

My parents have developed fear and day by day, their health is worsening. But being today’s girl, I think, why should we be afraid if we have not done any wrong. We never ill treated her. She lives upstairs, cooks separately, so what bond do we have that makes us criminal? Is daughter-in law always right? Are they not misusing our law? Had she ever harassed her mother? When in beginning, she created scene, my dad said that do not argue with her, we will settle with her mother, she said ” dare not call her, she is ill, and if she suffers, I will not leave you” That’s great, so my parents are not parents, and if I protect them (since boys have worn bangles) then she threatens my parents that make her quite, otherwise, I will lodge complaint…Wow..that’s perfect..Indian bahus…

In addition, she hails from sadar bazaar, all her sisters settled themselves and younger sister was engaged two years back but my sister in law, argued with the boy, and they broke the relation.Well its not my concern but I really want to teach her a lesson in an educated way and not in her way.