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After above incident they were calling a lot and abused, harrashed me and my parents a lot. and one of our family mediator informed me that they made a false medical cerificate from a govt doctor to file a case.I submitted one application about the incident to police station here in mumbai on 22-Feb-2012.

I got a call from Mohaniya Police staion that my wife has filled dowry harrasment(498A and 3/5 Dowri Act.) case on 4th-Mar-2012 againts Me,My Parents, my sister and her husband, he was telling me that come here and get the bail otherwise we will come to mumbai and arrest you.

After this call I called to a local lawyer there and given the number and name of that police officer, and asked him to inquire abt the FIR. he told me that is true that FIR has been registerd.

We have proceeded for AB, and in bihar for AB both husband and wife should appear infront of the honorable judge, the given date for me is on 28th of May 2012, and the lawyer coudn’t manage to get stay on arrest warrant order, they(My inlaws) went to my sister’s home and arrested my sister’s husband from office, my sister’s husband went for jail, we applied for regular bail but My lawyer informed me that it got rejected by CGM yesterday, and he is going to file bail petition today for distric court, My lawyer assuring that we get bail on wednesday and after the bail of my sister’s husband, My lawyer will file AB for rest of the family members. They(My Inlaws and Police) are searching for my sister too and police officer has asked me through my lawyer for 50K for not arresting My parents and sister but irefused it, (the police officer then told to my lawyer i will see him). would he(Police) harm my case for preparing charge sheet, case diary bla bla.

Today I read in news papare that I can use “1971 (maharashtra vexatious litigation [prevention] act 1971” but how can I for 498A and 3/5 Dowry prohibition act. dont know,

Please let me know what is the diffrence between 498A and 3/5 Dowry prohibition act?

Please help for my next step.