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Thanks for your response.

What are the proofs that can be demanded from her for validity? She has already stated all these in writing.

Is there a way to turn section 9 into divorce case when it seems that there is no meaning of section 9 now? what can be a section 9 judgement in that case?

Section 24:

For point (a) above, she has produced a e-resignation (from company internal website) with last date after next two-three months, the reason of resignation being child-care. She is highly educated and was doing job since many years, started when child was of few months.

For point (b) above, are there any HC/SC judgments that state about section 9 and section 24?

For point (c) above, she has produced house selling papers in which below facts have been mentioned:

‘The ownership was initially on husband and his father’s name due to loan started on both names (first document with required stamp duty). Then ownership was transferred to his ‘father only’ after father has paid/completed all loan amount (about 90-95%); and husband has agreed in that by taking no money since all loan amount was paid by his father (second document with required stamp duty). This papers are of the time when 125 was running. Can she claim for something in this case?