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Dear All,there interesting letter I would like to share from NHRC.My mother wrote letter to then seeking their help & requesting them to help,as her sister in lwa filed false 498 case against us.Even she requested if they want they can investigate the case by proper team.In reply NHRC wrote a lette & this letter saying”On persual of the complaint,it is seen that the complaint relate to the matter which is barred under section 36(1) of the act,hencethe complaint is notentertainable by the commission as per Regulation 9(iv) of the NHRC egulation 1997.The complaint is filed & hence the case is closed….

How this system works???

Right now we are getting calls from Mr.Sighnia who himself call as an advocate from NHRC & he is saying us solve the case by mutual agreement>otherwise her family will make us trouble from NCW & also from NHRC.This person calls initialy to my father at 9pm & very sweetly threatened my father.When I talked to him he did the same thing.Moer over everytime he calls us he records the conversations…He talks as if we are the real villain & her family is like the sufferrer from all end.This person calls us either at night or on holiday.

Can you please tell what could be the role of NHRC?What they can do?Why didnot they did anything when we need the help?

Please help….