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Dr.Dsouza Sir she had already got the letter in the name of Sillod Police station from the womens cell to launch the 498 on me and my family, when we came to know this we had taken anticipatory bail from the court. Now the case status is that I have been cross examined by her lawyer and also she and her mother has been crossed examined from my lawyer. Now as per her documents which she submitted (gram panchayat office certificate of her birth saying her DOB is 17-3-1992, Dr. Certificate saying her birth date is 17-3-1992 and civil hospital certificate of birth saying her DOB is 17-3-1992, of the village where her birth took place) but all these documents are false. And as per I have her school records documents her DOB is 11-3-1993. That means she was minor at the time of marriage. And as far regarding police investigation the officer incharge has already said to me that let her launch the complaint none can touch you and your family cause now I know what had happened actually with you. So don’t worry about the 498 to be launched against you. And the court from where I have got the anticipatory bail had posted letters to our area police station as well her town police station if the 498 is to be launched on Yogesh and his family then they should be informed 48 hours before the FIR is to be filed and then the legal procedure to be done.

Vinayak Sir thanks for the advice. Sir but as what you asked me I will never bring such bitch back in my family who were having pre marital affair and also continued after marriage.