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Thank you for your suggestion Dear D’Souza. My dad received the call again from that retired police officer, and Retd. Poilce officert : So what have you thought?

Father : what is the intension of the family and what are they upto?

Officer : That they are asking for expenses, in other words compensation. and it will be good that the things are sorted outside the court.

Father: That’s fine and i will get some advice from lawyer.

And not there is no calls from few days, may be they are planning some thing else or may be i think that family must be thinking, that they have already taken gold from our house, so if they will go to court the case might go against them and the girl wont be able to remarry if the case is in the court till the vedict is out. She is in hurry and wants to go, thats why she wants to settle out of court and extort as much money she can by threating me via retd police officer.

But my parents have already decided to go to jail.

Lets see what happens.

Thank you once again for your reply and suppoort from your side.