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I had the same incidents with my ex she & her father threatened blackmailed and they would get me and my family killed used abusive language with my family and myself. she is a company secretary and I agreed to marriage because she is a professional and her family is also educated her elder sister is doctor in NCR. Before marriage her father(a property dealer) told us that her daughter willl adjust in the family of mine. but immediately after marriage she & her father showed us their colour that she is not going to stay with my family any more as my family interfere in her pursuit for career I told them neither my family is against her career only they wanted her to balance things career as well as family.

as she is in search of a job immediately after marriage she was not able find a job she would blame my family and threaten me of dire consequences she would started eating from outside for months as she wanted my mother to shift her kitchen and after just one months of marriage one day she throws mangal sutra towards my mother and says that her family desires to get her divorce from me in presence of elders and myself due to some dispute. we were shocked to hear this and she would ask me for money if I desires to see her follow my family customs on a regular basis. and her father would come every 15 days and abuse and use filthy language with my family and threaten to call police if there desire were not met. We also separted from the family in the same building just to keep her distance from my family but there also she denied to follow any household activity but instead she only cooked for her self and I have to take food from outside never cooked for me.

she also has one habit of deleting her call details which got my attention when I got hold of her call details that she has called my neighbor several times and my relatives who never informed me of her calls. making all the family matters into public domain and even to strangers and she doesnot have that much communication with my family. as any differences would come between me and her I would call the neighbor to sort things out.

one day she in morning packed all her bags I was unaware about her next move seeing all this I went to my office then there around at 1200 I received her call that her father has decided to shift her to hostel accomodation in the evening as she cannot adjust with my family I told her that I will help her shift . then immediately I rushed to the house she came late that night and then I called the cab to carry her bags but she ran towards my neighbors house that I was throwing her out . I thought to take this matter to her sister and jijas knowledge who I thought were educated and professionals that she threatens us of dire consequences I take the same cab and went to her sisters house late that night in the meanwhile she called police and dragged my family and me by saying falsely that we are throwing her out of the house. then her father came and shouted and used unparliamentary language. that they have married her daughter only because of house and nothing else she will stay here and mine parents can shift to old age home. after the incident we took legal advice then I legally separated myself from the property and started staying in a rented accomodation there I filed sec 9 to call her to my rented accomodation as she is staying in my families accomodation. in a fit of rage she filed domestic violence and went to caw cell and filed a complaint that I demanded dowry of flat and a mercedes car from her and she started calling police ( beat constable) as her father would bribe them to follow her to my mothers house and would ask them to arrest my mother and my other family members for continously a week that my mother is harrasing her seeing this the beat constable would only say that she is a lady and a senior citizen she stays seperate from you and you dont have healthy relationship with her. my mother also then files a complaint to magistrate in the court to stop her to defame them in society I was amazed that she is a CS.

on the date of sec 9 in the family court we signed the joint statement for dissolution of marriage at a amount fixed for alimony and as she doesnot want to stay with me in a rented accomodation but asked in the court that she be given the right to stay in the same accomodation(mothers house) from first motion till second motion is signed.

I took this measure to protect my family and my family property going into the hands of a bitch and her property dealer father. I also have to leave my job where I have worked for 7 years to follow all the legal process.

BEWARE members one more caution that she and her father has posted her matrimonial alliance on various matrimonial site stating that her marital status is never married

I would like to thank members for there timely help in the matter.