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Parental Alienation of Child is the same as the term suggests. Alienation from Parent(s)

An Alienated Child has the following #ChildAbuse on them
1. Alienation / detachment / estrangement / LOSS of PARENT
2. MANIPULATION against the Alienated Parent
4. Psychological, physical & emotional ABUSE IN the so called CUSTODY HOME
5. RE STRUCTURING OF BRAIN due to hyperactivity in the hippocampus region

Also please see-

Separation and Children’s Brains; Published June 27, 2018;
Dr. Karlen Lyons-Ruth; Cambridge Health Alliance

Url – Separation & Children’s Brains
Separation on Child’s Brain (alternative link – youtube)

Brief Transcript
Even brief separations are stressful to children. Sympathetic nervous system kicks in and signals that they need the parent back.
Then comes a flood of cortisol (a stress hormone), which can trigger fight or flight. But prolonged exposure can be harmful.
It begins to damage brain cells. Hippocampal cells will die, that’s our memory center. The electrical activity in the brain is being reduced by these more prolonged separations.
Amygdala is the fight or flight center. With overactive amygdala, the ability to be able to evaluate risk, make good decisions is compromised. Not only does it affect the architecture of the brain but long term it affects health and early death.

One key to healthy brain development is “attachment”, building a strong bond.
Recovery is certainly possible. But for most of these children is that they’re not going to be okay.


Children Without Fathers

1. Loss of Safety & Security, psychological stability
2. Loss of Courage to Face the world
3. 70% chances of becoming victims to crime or committing crime. Can become volatile without any cause.
4. Lack of cognitive skills & personality development as older children
5. Lack of Role model for future planning & growth


Children Without Mothers

1. Become very emotional while facing the world. Overly Self Sympathetic or Sympathize with others
2. Lack of internal emotional stability
3. Lack of intimate relationships especially for daughters
4. Feeling of Home Sickness
5. Always Feel Abandoned


Can One Compare Mother’s Role with Father’s role

1. Biologically, Genetically, Socially, the clear answer is a BIG NO!
2. The assumption that the child is with mother, father’s role can be denied, or vice versa, harms the child more than does any justice.
3. Single parents have a tougher time in parenting the child, unless they are supported by other adults.
4. Real Gender equitability & equality comes when both parents collectively take care of the child for the overall development of the child..
5. Bias & #ChildAbuse happens when the parents are separated.


The Long-Term Effects of Parental Alienation , Parental Estrangement, Family Disputes on Adult Children

1. Low self-esteem/self-hatred, depression, Loss of external resources:
2. Hyper vigilant and distrusting of others, anxiety
3. Lack of ability to make sense of the world: what is true and what is false.
4. Lack of trust, Guilt, confusion
5. Concealing of affection, repression: repress their own emotions.
6. Self-blame, self rejection & loathing, feeling hopeless and inadequate
7. Rigid world-view
8. Parental dependency
9. Secondary rejection of the alienating parent
10. Counter-rejection by the target parent
11. Alienation’s inter-generational effects
12. Drugs/alcohol abuse,
13. Alienation from own children,
14. Divorce
15. Victims as adults of Crime or commit Crime

The Long-Term Effects of Parental Alienation on Adult Children: A Qualitative Research Study
The American Journal of Family Therapy, 33:289–302, 2005