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A horoscope’s structure determines its owner’s life. If someone has a complete square or even two of them he will experience catastrophes in his life again and again. Every time a planet in transit activates the complete square the entire negative structure will be activated. Ramifications will be felt in all the areas determined by the houses where the planets touched by an aspect are located. The nature of the influence will depend on the nature of the planet in such house. For instance, a complete square has a planet in the tenth house, the fourth house, the first and the seventh house. A negative planet in transit will attack the planet in the seventh house, the house of marriage; in the first house, the house of behavior; in the tenth house, the house of emotions and career; and in the fourth house, home and family. Such transit will bring a situation, which will threaten marriage and family life, cause severe depressions and bring emotional instability, which will affect the work place, as well. In all probability this will result in a divorce, destruction of family life and loss of the home of the horoscope’s owner. Additionally, the work place is in danger.

Depending on the attacking planet, until the final result is reached this can be an “on again off again” situation, Pluto; a sudden totally unexpected and severe definite blow, Uranus; deceit, delusions and treachery, Neptune; misfortune, losses, and health problems, Saturn; miscalculations, bad judgement, wishful thinking gone wrong, loss of money, investments gone bad, infidelity etc. Jupiter. – Please note that this is just an example. To interpret a horoscope thoroughly the nature of the participating planets has to be considered according to their locations in signs and houses of the natal chart and their aspects.

Loyalty in Astrology to measuring this would have to do with sect, I suppose. Sect, which comes from the Latin word for dividing, is a system of determining how Diurnal (day) or Nocturnal (night) a planet is. The more Diurnal the planet, the more it “shows forth” and expresses its true nature. The more Nocturnal a planet is, the more it is comprised of appearance (like the Moon, which is all appearance). It’s not so much that Nocturnal planets are more dishonest Vs loyal, but more that Diurnal planets just can’t even conceive of being anything other than what they truly are.

For the record, from most Diurnal to most Nocturnal, the planets are: Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury (Neutral), Venus, Mars, Moon. The outer planets don’t figure into Sect. The masculine signs (Fire and Air) are Diurnal in nature, and the feminine signs (Earth and Water) are Nocturnal in nature.

Fire signs tend to be the most forthright and honest; they are the most Diurnal, and have little time or tolerance for deception. But Fire signs are just as susceptible to ego as the rest of the signs. Sagittarius, for example, is a Fire sign that is motivated to discover the universal truth in everything; but Sagittarius also has a tendency to believe that the end justifies the means-and therefore might not be above a little Less loyal and deception in order to get to the truth.

Gemini is not inherently deceptive, either, although it’s probably the most likely to change its mind. Air signs embody duality and are always able to see both sides of any issue.

The two planets that are the most likely to be involved in deception and dishonesty are Mars and Mercury. Now, Mars, I’m sure, isn’t much of a surprise to most of you, but Mercury? Sweet little harmless Mercury? Well, let’s not forget that one of the archetypes for Mercury is the Messenger… and the other is the Trickster. Mercury is Loki in the Norse Mythology, and the Coyote in Native American cultures. Being completely neutral in every way doesn’t mean that Mercury won’t take sides-only that Mercury will spend as much time being open and direct as it will spend being dishonest and deceptive.

But we come back to the fact that there are many different types of Loyalty, motivated by many different things. A somewhat tenuous grasp of reality and an overactive imagination can be associated with dishonesty (Mercury in aspect to Neptune, perhaps). Issues with authority, power and control can also be a factor in behavior (Mars/Saturn conflicts; or Mars/Moon).

I wouldn’t consider Uranus in the 12th to have anything to do with secret relationships, myself. Rather, I would say that an individual with Uranus in the 12th might be unconsciously sensitive to change, innovation, and general disruptions. Infidelity, however, isn’t something that I’d associate with this placement.

In traditional interpretations, planets that are debilitated (poorly placed in the chart, retrograde, in detriment, fall or peregrine, for example) are far more likely to be associated with dishonest behavior than well-placed, dignified planets. I personally don’t believe that this approach carries over well to natal interpretations (although it is very effective when working with Horary astrology or event interpretation).

It boils down to the fact that you can’t tell how a person is going to behave simply by looking at his or her natal chart-and this includes evaluating how Loyal or dishonest they may be.