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Thanks many again.

My lawyer sent notice to her home on my behest. In retrospect , it was not worth it . I thought it will bring opp side to talking table.Her father said, they will call some meeting with us but never happened. so in response to my notice she hired a typical feminist lawyer who ‘denied everything’ and further alleged that I promised her that we would live abroad after marriage but brought her back ( as if to say that going abroad was her birthright ) and then on returning back I ‘kicked her out’ of my house and then I ‘refuse to take her back’.This notice was sent not to us but to my lawyer . Because they know in past that we did not accept any regd post coming in my name.

In the same notice it was mentioned that R C R # xxxx is filed against you in the so and so court of Judge xyz. and notice is sent to you by regd post.

One regd post came to our home but sender was her lawyer not court .It was accepted by mistake . We kept a zerox of the front face, which showed address of her advocate .

We then returned it back to that advocate .

On hearing date we found out that her lawyer was given special permission to give summons on behalf of the court.

This is what intrigues me.

I have to sign summons and summons should come from court not advocate. I want to convey this directly to court without revealing my address . I wonder , is there point in challenging her R C R , then I can hire another lawyer in her hometown. My town lawyer said, they will pass R C R judgment in her favor.

So have to filr divorce.

We are trying parallel channel for talks, with them for mutual consent but it depends what they are after – money or the ‘best available husband deal’ for her.