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first thing is your RCR is not in strange situation at all, when RCR or divorce get filled in court, when one party is not aggreed on the same. if both the parties are ready for RCR / Divorce then why they need permission from court?? court will come in to picture when dispute is there. She will get ex-party RCR judgement in her favor but it’s piece of paper only, court can’t force you to live with her, after that she can file execution of RCR, I am not sure what can happen in execution of RCR decree. so protect all your assets and money and distroy her legal rights on you and your property.. that’s all.

Regarding summons, first thing what you have received is legal notice from her advocate, and that your borther had signed and you have not replied to that notice, that’s why they filed RCR, and regarding summons i feel now a days advocates get summons ready from court and they will post it through Reg. post. because courts don’t send summons soon, and filling party is in always hurry to get summons issued. on Cover letter of summons they write sender name as respective court..