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My personal experience says that a right women in mans life will bring lot of success and happiness but a wrong one is like a virus that will not only destroy her life but will destroy four other families.

I am not sure if NC is good for AB. Trust me, most of the lawyers dont know what they are doing. Talk to 4 lawyers and no two of them will talk same. You will be left with more questions than answers. So be focused to get AB. Use a lawyer to draft as much detail as possible to file in PS. Ask your brother to record all conversations. These days you get built in cell phone recorders on Nokia that records all incoming and outgoing automatically. We don’t know the importance of recording until we are in a situation like this.

I am from Hyderabad. If you want to talk to me, email me your number at james.3iii at yahoo dot com. I will be more than happy to talk if I can help someone avoid seeing a jail.